Established in 1979, Associated Electronic Services Pty Ltd (AES) is a South Australian company with a significant customer base both locally and interstate. We are committed to providing timely and quality products and services to our customers with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. A consequence of our aptitude and passion for engineering has seen all engineering staff at AES, specialising in multiple engineering disciplines, working very effectively as a dynamic development team.

With the evolution of AES as a company, we have established many valuable networks and partnerships with Government and Civilian agencies and companies which include:

Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)

Defence Teaming Center Inc (DTC)

Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evalaluation

Cisco Systems, Inc


Times Microwave Systems

With our extensive engineering expertise and support network, we are capable of performing a range of tasks from individual functions, e.g. procuring hard to find components, to providing complete turn-key solutions for reworking and supporting or conceiving new products and services.